Federico Peña

Former United States Secretary of Energy

We all appreciate the courage, fearlessness, and leadership you have shown in our joint work. Let me share with you my thoughts on some of the factors that I consider essential for the future development and prosperity of Azerbaijan. I think that these factors consist of the development of close cooperation between the United States and Azerbaijan, support for your policy, the existence of stability, a stable government, a stable economy in our countries, and the expansion of regional ties. The United States Department of Energy, a partner and friend of Azerbaijan, is pleased to participate in the implementation of your policy. You have earned deep respect and admiration in the United States for bringing stability to your country.

The celebration of primary oil production is very significant and a symbol of the future. This success will become a gateway to other prospects. It should not be forgotten that this project was made possible thanks to the valiant leadership of President Heydar Aliyev and cooperation with the international business community.