Yevgeny Primakov

Former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Heydar Aliyev’s parents had no idea how high pinnacles he would conquer. I want to remember his lifetime partner Zarifa Azizova. He devoted his whole life to her, his children, and his family. Heydar Aliyev proved that there are people who love their nation and for the sake of their nation can change in any system, in any society, regardless of their social status. One thing that should be remembered, such people devote their entire existence to the service of people. Heydar Aliyev is just such a person. I admire how he charms everyone with his high intellect. Here, in the presence of everyone, I want to say once again that I bow down before Heydar Aliyev, I have great respect for him, meeting with him is always a great event for me.