Vladimir Sukhoy

Former head of Washington Bureau of Channel One Russia

As a result of his political skills and human qualities, the young state of Azerbaijan managed to stand on its own feet in a short period of time and was able to successfully enter the 21st century. During the leadership of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev took great responsibility. He turned Azerbaijan into a strong state by removing difficult obstacles in front of the country.

During the second presidency, Heydar Aliyev carried out deep reforms and inclined the country to progress and development once again. Heydar Aliyev’s multi-vector policy became a state strategy and led the country to stability and prosperity. He came to power with a pragmatic and balanced foreign policy strategy, which includes constructive relations with the United States and the European Union, as well as friendly relations with Turkey, Russia, and Iran. In addition to achieving political stability in Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev laid the foundations for the country’s economic independence. He developed an anti-crisis program to restore all areas of production, improved the country’s financial situation, and created a solid foundation for attracting foreign investments.