Reza Vaziri

Co-chair of the United States – Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce

In a short time, Heydar Aliyev implemented a policy aimed at the rapid advancement of Azerbaijan, and this policy was successfully carried out. You have shown great determination in implementing your policies in both the economic and political spheres. You have transformed this country from dependence to independence. You think that economic dependence, the weakness of the state makes the country lag behind. That is why, by making very serious efforts, you have taken the path of achieving economic revival by carrying out privatization and developing free entrepreneurship in your country. You have created an opportunity for foreign companies to come and invest here, realizing how important foreign investments are for the implementation of the honorable tasks facing Azerbaijan. We are confident that this was not an easy task and that the mission is not yet complete.

This position of yours has led to attacks against you both in your country and from your neighbors. No matter how many attacks you face, we know you well and we know that you always believe that it takes risk and intelligence to achieve a worthwhile goal.