Petru Lucinschi

Former President of the Republic of Moldova

Frankly speaking, after the chaos, clashes, and war that prevailed in Azerbaijan, the changes and restoration work became possible only thanks to the leadership of such a wise, patient, and courageous person as Heydar Aliyev. These changes are obvious, and this is evidenced by the indicators of the Azerbaijani economy’s development.

I am so glad to see you again as young as you were many years ago. This is also noted by all members of our delegation. I am glad to see that you are determined to do everything to further change Azerbaijan, and I want to say that Moldova will be with your country.

I have known President Heydar Aliyev since 1970. I’ve been here before. In 1970, the Youth Forum was held here. We met and got acquainted with each other. Then, in 1974, we were part of a delegation headed by Alexei Nikolaevich Kosygin. Of course, being abroad brings people together and makes them familiar. In the same year, a few months later, Heydar Aliyev arrived in Moldova. There was a grand meeting. We talked a lot. Then we worked in Moscow. We had very normal relations everywhere. I have always appreciated Heydar Aliyev for his courage, intelligence, and discipline. Of course, I wasn’t aware of many of the details. So I learned them during these two days of our communication. Of course, you need to have a lot of courage. It’s true, God helps too. However, you need to have great courage and perseverance in order to endure and withstand all this in the conditions of hardships.

I always need a meeting with Heydar Aliyev, a politician with plentiful experience.