Nikolai Patrushev

Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation

Mr. President, your whole life is an example of selfless service to the Motherland. At the age of eighteen, you engaged in hard work to ensure the security of the state and rose to the position of Chairman of the Committee for State Security of Azerbaijan. Your unsurpassed abilities, organizational talent, and statesmanship were necessary for the country and for those difficult times. You have held the leading positions in the Republic, in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and in the Council of Ministers.

High awards – the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, five orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, the Order of the Red Star – are clear evidence of your services.

Your great personal contribution to strengthening the republic’s statehood, its socio-economic development, and expanding ties with the Russian Federation is invaluable. Your reputation as an international politician and statesman gives a great impetus to strengthening the position of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the world.

* * *

An outstanding statesman and politician, who devoted all his strength and knowledge to the cause of establishing an independent state of Azerbaijan, has passed away. . Over the years, Heydar Aliyev’s state activity was associated with his service in state security agencies. Here he went a worthy path from an operative worker to the head of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan. Heydar Alirza oglu’s high political and business qualities, sincerity, and sensitivity towards people earned him deep respect not only in his homeland but also beyond its borders.