George W. Bush

43rd President of the United States

I admire the indisputable leadership, courage, unparalleled worldview, and oratorical talent of Heydar Aliyev! Heydar Aliyev had been one of the key persons in the Caucasus for a long period. His personal efforts in the establishment of current friendship relations between the United States of America and Azerbaijan, as well as defense of Azerbaijan’s independence is of vital importance. Under his leadership United States of America and Azerbaijan have been partners in the fight against the terrorism including all the operations carried out in Afghanistan and Iraq. Steadiness he demonstrated in the field of achievement of the just and long-term solution of Nagorno Karabakh tragedy via the peace negotiations had been of great importance in the maintenance of the peace and stability in the region. In the meantime, his position and efforts demonstrated in attraction of the large-volume foreign investments that strengthened economic development of Azerbaijan played key role. These achievements had improved lives of million Azerbaijanis and created opportunity for Azerbaijan to come into the twentieth century as the modern state.

I had the pleasure of meeting you during your recent visit to Washington. I wanted to write to you again on behalf of the American people in order to express my sincerest gratitude to you and your government for your support in the war against global terrorism. We do not forget those who are standing with us today.

You have declared your support, and you have confirmed your words with your actions. Thanks to your leadership, Azerbaijani soldiers are serving shoulder-to-shoulder with our troops in Afghanistan. Our operations in this country could not have been possible without the permission to fly over your country’s territory. Our cooperation in the field of law enforcement and the exchange of information has greatly contributed to the success of ongoing operations against terrorist groups …

We both know that leadership is about overcoming adversity. As we discussed during our meeting in Washington on February 26, in the new century the world faces the threat of weapons of mass destruction, the scourge of terrorism, and the threats posed by states that finance or support terrorism. No country can defeat these enemies alone. Success depends on broad international cooperation.

This is my firm conviction and I remain committed to it. Your contribution to this cause has already been of great importance and will continue to be so.

I am very happy to be able to work with leaders like you.

You are our- America’s close friend and we accept you as such.