Boris Vorovich

Chief of the Faculty of the Academy of National Defense of Ukraine, Major-General

Heydar Aliyev did not pass away, he died heroically in the name of the happiness of his people and the progress of his independent country. Personally, I consider Heydar Aliyev not only an outstanding politician but also a great military strategist. In Soviet times, in order to open a military school named after J. Nakhchivansky in Baku and to send Azerbaijani youth to study at the best military schools and academies of the former USSR, including Ukraine, one had to be a very far-sighted and visionary politician. Heydar Aliyev managed to stop the bloodshed in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of young Azerbaijanis. Only he has a historical role in the creation of strong, professional Armed Forces of Azerbaijan. I myself helped representatives of Azerbaijan master the secrets of military art in our academy, and I am proud of it. Now some of them make up the best part of your army, created by Commander-in-Chief Heydar Aliyev, a deeply intelligent, highly experienced and very respected man.

Heydar Aliyev lived as a man who devoted his whole life to his native people and country, and died heroically for a great cause.